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Citroen C3: Touch screen BLUETOOTH audio system / Media

Selecting the source

Citroen C3. Media Press the "Media" menu.

Press the "SOURCE" button.

Select the source (USB, Bluetooth or AUX, depending on equipment).

USB port 10

Insert the USB memory stick into the USB port or connect the USB device to the USB port using a suitable cable (not supplied).

Citroen C3. Media To protect the system, do not use a USB hub.

The system builds playlists (in temporary memory); this operation can take from a few seconds to several minutes at the first connection.

Playlists are updated whenever a USB memory stick is connected or the contents of a particular USB memory stick are changed. The lists are memorised: if they are not modified, the subsequent loading time will be shorter.

Auxiliary (AUX) jack socket

Depending on equipment

Citroen C3. Media Connect a portable device (MP3 player, etc.) to the auxiliary jack socket using an audio cable (not supplied).

This source is only available if "Aux Amplification" has been selected in the audio settings.

First adjust the volume on the portable device (to a high level). Then adjust the volume of the audio system.

Controls are managed via the portable device.


Streaming allows you to listen to music from your smartphone.

The Bluetooth profile must be activated, first adjust the volume on the portable device (to a high level).

Then adjust the volume of the system.

If play does not start automatically, it may be necessary to start the audio playback from the smartphone.

Control is from the portable device or by using the system's touch buttons.

Once connected in Streaming mode, the smartphone is considered to be a media source.

Connecting Apple® players

Connect the Apple® player to the USB socket using a suitable cable (not supplied).

Play starts automatically.

Control is via the audio system.

Citroen C3. Media The classifications available are those of the portable device connected (artists/albums/genres/playlists/audio books/podcasts). It is also possible to use a classification structured in the form of a library.

The default classification used is by artist. To modify the classification used, return to the first level of the menu then select the desired classification (playlists for example) and confirm to go down through the menu to the desired track.

The version of software in the audio system may not be compatible with the generation of the Apple® player.

Media settings

Citroen C3. Media Press the "Media Settings" button. Activate/deactivate track playback options and access the audio settings.

The audio settings are the same as the audio settings for the radio. For more information on the "Audio settings", refer to the corresponding section.

Information and advice

The system supports USB mass storage devices, BlackBerry® devices or Apple® players via the USB ports. The adapter cable is not supplied.

Devices are managed using the audio system controls.

Other devices, not recognised on connection, must be connected to the auxiliary socket using a jack cable (not supplied) or via Bluetooth streaming, if compatible.

Citroen C3. Media To protect the system, do not use a USB hub.

The audio system will only play audio files with ".wav", ".wma", ".aac", ".mp3", ".mp4", ".m4a", ".flac", ".ogg" file extensions and with a bit rate of between 32 Kbps and 320 Kbps (300 Kbps maximum for ".flac" files).

It also supports VBR (Variable Bit Rate) mode. All ".wma" files must be standard WMA 9 files. The supported sampling rates are 11, 22, 44 and 48 KHz.

To avoid reading and display problems, we recommend choosing file names less than 20 characters long that do not contain any special characters (e.g. “ ? . ; ù).

Use only USB memory sticks in FAT or FAT32 format (File Allocation Table).

Citroen C3. Media We recommend using the original USB cable for the portable device.

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