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Citroen C3: Ease of use and comfort / Interior fittings

Citroen C3. Interior fittings

  1. Sun visor
  2. Glove box
  3. 12 V accessory socket (max. 120 W).
  4. USB socket
  5. Open storage with double cup holder
  6. Front armrest (depending on version)
  7. Storage trays
  8. Mat (depending on version)

Sun visor

The driver's sun visor is fitted with a vanity mirror with concealing flap and a card holder (or ticket holder).

Citroen C3. Interior fittings Do not fix or attach anything to the sun visor on the passenger side, as this could cause injuries if the front airbag (fitted in the roof) were deployed.

Glove box

Citroen C3. Interior fittings

It can be used to hold a water bottle, the vehicle's handbook pack, etc.

12 V accessory socket

Citroen C3. Interior fittings

  • To connect a 12 V accessory (maximum power: 120 W), lift the cover and plug in a suitable adaptor.

Citroen C3. Interior fittings Observe the maximum power rating to avoid damaging your accessory.

Citroen C3. Interior fittings The connection of an electrical device not approved by CITROËN, such as a USB charger, may adversely affect the operation of vehicle electrical systems, causing faults such as poor radio reception or interference with displays in the screens.

USB socket

Citroen C3. Interior fittings

It plays the audio files which are sent to your audio system and played via the vehicle's speakers.

These files can be managed using the steering mounted controls or those on the touch screen.

Front armrest

(Depending on version)

Adjusting the height

Citroen C3. Interior fittings

  • Fully lower the armrest.
  • Raise it to the desired position (low, intermediate or high).
  • Once it is in the high position, raise it to unlock it and move it to the low position.

Clothes hooks

Citroen C3. Interior fittings

They are located above each rear door.



When fitting the mat for the first time, on the driver's side use only the fasteners supplied in the enclosed sachet.

The other mats are simply laid over the carpet.


Citroen C3. Interior fittings

To remove it on the driver's side, move the seat backwards and unclip the fasteners.

To refit it, position the mat and secure it by pressing.

Check that the mat is secured correctly.

Citroen C3. Interior fittings To avoid any risk of jamming the pedals:

  • Only use mats which are suitable for the fasteners already present in the vehicle; these fasteners must be used.
  • Never fit one mat on top of another.

The use of mats not approved by CITROËN may interfere with access to the pedals and hinder the operation of the cruise control/speed limiter.

The approved mats have two fasteners located underneath the seat.

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