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Citroen C3: Practical information / Refuelling

Fuel tank capacity: approximately 45 or 47 litres (petrol) or 42 or 50 litres (Diesel). Reserve level: approximately 5 litres.

Low fuel level

Citroen C3. Refuelling When the low fuel level is reached, one of these warning lamps comes on on the instrument panel, accompanied by an onscreen message and an audible signal. When it first comes on, about 5 litres of fuel remain.

Depending on equipment, the low fuel level may only be indicated by a red warning lamp.

Until sufficient fuel is added, this warning lamp appears every time the ignition is switched on, accompanied by an onscreen message and an audible signal. When driving, this message and audible signal are repeated with increasing frequency as the fuel level drops towards 0.

You must refuel as soon as possible to avoid running out of fuel.

For more information on Running out of fuel (Diesel), refer to the corresponding section.

Citroen C3. Refuelling Stop & Start

Never refuel with the engine in STOP mode; you must switch off the ignition.


Additions of fuel must be of at least 5 litres, in order to be registered by the fuel gauge.

Opening the filler cap may create a noise caused by an inrush of air. This vacuum is entirely normal, resulting from the sealing of the fuel system.

Citroen C3. Refuelling

To refuel in complete safety:

  • You must switch off the engine.
  • Open the fuel filler flap.
  • Take care to select the pump that delivers the correct fuel type for the vehicle's engine (see a reminder label on the inside of the filler flap).
  • Insert the key in the filler cap then turn it to the left, or turn the filler cap manually to the left (depending on version).

Citroen C3. Refuelling

Citroen C3. Refuelling

  • Remove the filler cap and hang it on its carrier (on the filler flap).
  • Introduce the filler nozzle and push it in as far as possible before starting to refuel (risk of blowback).
  • Fill the tank.

Do not continue past the third cut-off of the nozzle, as this may cause malfunctions.

  • Refit the filler cap.
  • Turn the key to the right then remove it from the filler cap, or turn the filler cap manually to the right (depending on version).
  • Push the filler flap to close it.

Citroen C3. Refuelling If you have put in the wrong fuel for the vehicle, you must have the fuel tank drained and filled with the correct fuel before starting the engine.

The vehicle is fitted with a catalytic converter, a device which helps to reduce the level of harmful emissions in the exhaust gases.

For petrol engines, you must use unleaded fuel.

The filler neck is narrower, admitting unleaded petrol nozzles only.

Fuel cut-off

Your vehicle is equipped with a safety device which cuts off the fuel supply in the event of a collision.

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