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Citroen C3: Driving / Distraction detection

Citroen C3 2016-2024 Owners Manual / Driving / Distraction detection

Refer to the General recommendations on the use of driving and manoeuvring aids.

Take a break in case of feeling tired or at least every 2 hours.

Depending on version, the function consists of just the "Coffee Break Alert" system, or of this combined with the "Driver Attention Warning" system.

Citroen C3. Distraction detection These systems are in no way designed to keep the driver awake or to prevent the driver from falling asleep at the wheel. It is the driver’s responsibility to stop if feeling tired.

Activation / Deactivation

Citroen C3. Distraction detection It is set via the vehicle configuration menu.

The state of the system stays in the memory when the ignition is switched off.

Coffee Break Alert

Citroen C3. Distraction detection The system triggers an alert as soon as it detects that the driver has not taken a break after two hours of driving at a speed above 40 mph (65 km/h).

This alert is issued via the display of a message encouraging the driver to take a break, accompanied by an audible signal.

If the driver does not follow this advice, the alert is repeated hourly until the vehicle is stopped. The system resets itself if one of the following conditions is met:

  • With the engine running, the vehicle has been stationary for more than 15 minutes.
  • The ignition has been switched off for a few minutes.
  • The driver's seat belt is unfastened and their door is opened.

Citroen C3. Distraction detection As soon as the speed of the vehicle drops below 40 mph (65 km/h), the system goes into standby.

The driving time is counted again once the speed is above 40 mph (65 km/h).

Driver Attention Warning

Depending on version, the "Coffee Break Alert" system is combined with the "Driver Attention Warning" system.

Citroen C3. Distraction detection

Citroen C3. Distraction detection Using a camera placed at the top of the windscreen, the system assesses the driver's level of vigilance, fatigue or distraction by identifying variations in trajectory compared to the lane markings.

This system is particularly suited to fast roads (speed higher than 40 mph (65 km/h)).

At a first-level alert, the driver is warned by the “Take care!” message, accompanied by an audible signal.

After three first-level alerts, the system triggers a further alert with the message "Dangerous driving: take a break", accompanied by a more pronounced audible signal.

Citroen C3. Distraction detection In certain driving conditions (poor road surface or strong winds), the system may give alerts independent of the driver's level of vigilance.

Citroen C3. Distraction detection The following situations may interfere with the operation of the system or prevent it from working:

  • lane markings absent, worn, hidden (snow, mud) or multiple (roadworks);
  • close to the vehicle ahead (lane markings not detected);
  • roads that are narrow, winding, etc.

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