Citroen C3 Manuals

Citroen C3: Trip computer / Trip reset

The reset is performed when the trip counter is displayed.

Citroen C3. Trip reset

  • Press the button on the end of the wiper control stalk for more than two seconds.

Citroen C3. Trip reset

  • Press the thumbwheel on the steering wheel for more than two seconds.

Citroen C3. Trip reset

  • Press this button for more than 2 seconds.

    Information display

    Details are displayed successively. Trip mileage. Range. Current fuel consumption. Average speed. Stop & Start time counter. Information from the speed limit recognition system...

    A few definitions…

    Range (miles or km) The distance which can still be travelled with the fuel remaining in the tank (at the average fuel consumption seen over the last few miles (kilometres) travelled)...

    Other information:

    Citroen C3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: "Radio Media" voice commands

    Voice commands Tune to channel <…> Help messages You can pick a radio station by saying "tune to" and the station name or frequency. For example "tune to channel Talksport" or "tune to 98.5 FM". To listen to a preset radio station, say "tune to preset number"...

    Citroen C3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Compatibility of fuels

    Petrol fuels conforming to the EN228 standard containing up to 5% and 10% ethanol respectively. Diesel fuels conforming to the EN590, EN16734 and EN16709 standards and containing up to 7%, 10%, 20% and 30% fatty acid methyl ester respectively. The use of B20 or B30 fuels, even occasionally, imposes special maintenance conditions referred to as "Arduous conditions"...


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