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Citroen C3: 12 V battery / Disconnecting the battery

In order to maintain an adequate state of charge for starting the engine, it is recommended that the battery be disconnected if the vehicle is taken out of service for a long period.

Before disconnecting the battery:

  • close all openings (doors, boot, windows),
  • switch off all electrical consumers (audio system, wipers, lighting, etc.),
  • switch off the ignition and wait for four minutes.

At the battery, it is only necessary to disconnect the (+) terminal.

Quick-release terminal clamp

Disconnecting the (+) terminal

Citroen C3. Disconnecting the battery

  • Raise the lever A fully to release the clamp B.
  • Remove the clamp B by lifting it off.

Reconnecting the (+) terminal

Citroen C3. Disconnecting the battery

  • Raise the lever A fully.
  • Refit the open clamp B on the (+) terminal.
  • Push the clamp B fully down.
  • Lower the lever A to lock the clamp B.

Do not force the lever as locking will not be possible if the clamp is not positioned correctly; start the procedure again.

Following reconnection

After reconnecting the battery, turn on the ignition and wait 1 minute before starting the engine, to enable the electronic systems to initialise.

If minor problems nevertheless persist following this operation, contact a CITROËN dealer or a qualified workshop.

Referring to the relevant section, reinitialise certain equipment:

  • Remote control key or electronic key (depending on version).
  • Electric windows.
  • Date and time.
  • Preset radio stations.

Citroen C3. Disconnecting the battery The Stop & Start system may not be operational during the trip following the first engine start.

In this case, the system will only be available again after a continuous period of immobilisation of the vehicle, a period which depends on the exterior temperature and the state of charge of the battery (up to about 8 hours).

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