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Citroen C3: Driving / CITROËN ConnectedCAM®

Citroen C3 2016-2023 Owners Manual / Driving / CITROËN ConnectedCAM®

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Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM®

This camera, installed at the top of the windscreen and connected wirelessly, allows you to:

  • Take photos and videos on demand and share them.
  • Send the vehicle's GPS coordinates to a smartphone.
  • Record videos automatically in the event of a vehicle impact.

Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® As the use of the CITROËN ConnectedCAM® is under your control and your responsibility, you must comply with the regulations for the protection of personal data (images of other people, vehicle number plates, protected buildings, etc.). Check first that your insurance company accepts the footage collected from the CITROËN ConnectedCAM® as evidence.

Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® Without exception, any action which the driver takes concerning the camera must be with the vehicle stationary.


To use all camera functions, you must perform the following operations:

  • Download the CITROËN

ConnectedCAM® application onto a smartphone.

  • Pair the smartphone with the camera following the instructions given by the application.

Pairing is necessary at the first connection. After this it will be automatic.

The default pairing code is: “ConnectedCAM”.


  • Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® Press and hold this button to switch the camera on/off (confirmed by the indicator lamp coming on/going off).

When the camera is switched on, video recording is automatic and permanent. The status of the function is stored when the ignition is switched off.

Managing photos and videos

  • Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® Press this button briefly to take a photo.

An audible signal confirms that the request has been acknowledged.

  • Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® Press and hold this button to record a video.

A micro USB socket also allows the data from the camera to be saved onto other media such as computers, tablets, etc.

Thanks to the CITROËN ConnectedCAM® application, you can then automatically and immediately share your photos and videos on social networks or by email.

An audible signal confirms that the request has been acknowledged.

Resetting the system

  • Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® Press and hold these 2 buttons simultaneously to reset the system.

This action erases all data recorded in the camera and reinitialises the camera’s default pairing code.

Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® For safety reasons, the driver must not use the CITROËN ConnectedCAM® application from a smartphone while driving. He or she must perform any action requiring sustained attention when the vehicle is stationary.


Citroen C3. CITROËN ConnectedCAM® When a system fault occurs, the indicator lamp in the button flashes.

Have the system checked by a CITROËN dealer or a qualified workshop.

    Reinitialisation. Malfunction

    Reinitialisation The system must be reinitialised after any adjustment to the pressure of one or more tyres, and after changing one or more wheels. Before reinitialising the system, make sure that the pressures of the four tyres are correct for the conditions of use of the vehicle and conform to the values written on the tyre pressure label...

    Driving and manoeuvring aids - General recommendations

    Driving and manoeuvring aids cannot, in any circumstances, replace the need for vigilance on the part of the driver. The driver must comply with the Highway Code, must remain in control of the vehicle in all circumstances and must be able to retake control of it at all times...

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