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Citroen C3: Automatic gearbox / Information displayed on the instrument panel

Citroen C3 2016-2022 Owners Manual / Driving / Automatic gearbox / Information displayed on the instrument panel

When a position is selected in the grate with the gear selector, the corresponding indicator lamp lights up on the instrument panel.

P. Park

R. Reverse

N. Neutral

D. Drive (automatic operation)

S. Sport programme

1...6. Gear engaged during manual operation

-. Instruction not processed in manual operation

Foot on the brake

  • Citroen C3. Information displayed on the instrument panel Depress the brake pedal when this warning lamp is displayed on the instrument panel (e.g. when starting the engine).

    Gear selector module

    1. Sport programme P. Parking Vehicle immobilised, parking brake applied or released. Starting the engine. R. Reverse gear Reversing manoeuvres, vehicle stationary, engine at idle...

    Starting the vehicle

    With your foot on the brake pedal, select position P or N. Start the engine.If the conditions are not met, you will hear an audible signal, accompanied by the display of a message...

    Other information:

    Citroen C3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Compatibility of fuels

    Petrol fuels conforming to the EN228 standard containing up to 5% and 10% ethanol respectively. Diesel fuels conforming to the EN590, EN16734 and EN16709 standards and containing up to 7%, 10%, 20% and 30% fatty acid methyl ester respectively. The use of B20 or B30 fuels, even occasionally, imposes special maintenance conditions referred to as "Arduous conditions"...

    Citroen C3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Daytime running lamps/Sidelamps

    These lamps at the front and rear of the vehicle light up automatically when the engine starts. They perform the following functions: Daytime running lamps (lighting control stalk at position "0" or "AUTO" with adequate ambient light). Sidelamps (lighting control stalk at position "AUTO" with low ambient light or "Sidelamps only" or "Dipped/main beam headlamps")...


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