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Citroen C3: Driving recommendations / In case of towing

Citroen C3. In case of towing Driving with a trailer places greater demands on the towing vehicle and requires extra care from the driver.

Citroen C3. In case of towing Respect the maximum towable weights. At altitude: reduce the maximum load by 10% per 1,000 metres of altitude; the density of the air decreases with altitude and the performance of the engine reduces.

Citroen C3. In case of towing New vehicle: do not pull a trailer before having driven at least 620 miles (1,000 kilometres).

Citroen C3. In case of towing If the outside temperature is high, let the engine idle for 1 to 2 minutes after the vehicle comes to a stop, to help it to cool.

Before setting off

Nose weight

  • Distribute the load in the trailer so that the heaviest items are as close as possible to the axle and the nose weight (at the point where it joins your vehicle) approaches the maximum permitted without exceeding it.


  • Check the tyre pressures of the towing vehicle and of the trailer, observing the recommended pressures.


  • Check the electrical signalling on the trailer and the headlamp beam height of your vehicle.

Citroen C3. In case of towing If a genuine CITROËN towing device is used, the rear parking sensors will be deactivated automatically to avoid the audible signal.

When driving


Towing a trailer uphill increases the temperature of the coolant. The maximum towable load depends on the gradient and the exterior temperature. The cooling capacity of the fan does not increase with engine speed.

  • Reduce speed and lower the engine speed, so as to limit the heating-up.

In all cases, pay attention to the coolant temperature.

Citroen C3. In case of towing If this warning lamp and the STOP warning lamp come on, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine as soon as possible.


Braking distances are increased when towing a trailer. To avoid overheating of the brakes, the use of engine braking is recommended.

Side wind

Bear in mind the increased susceptibility to the wind that the vehicle will have.

    On flooded roads

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    Anti-theft protection

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