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Citroen C3: CITROËN Connect Nav / Frequently asked questions

The following information groups together the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the system.


I cannot enter the navigation address.

The address is not recognised.

  • Use the "intuitive method" by pressing the "Search…" button at the bottom of the "Navigation” page.

The route calculation is not successful.

The route settings may conflict with the current location (for example, if toll roads are excluded but the vehicle is on a toll road).

  • Check the route settings in the "Navigation" menu.

I do not receive "Danger zone” alerts.

You have not subscribed to the online services option.

If you have subscribed to the option:

  • a few days may elapse before the service is activated,
  • services may not be selected in the system menu,
  • online services are not active ("TOMTOM TRAFFIC" not shown on the map).

The POIs do not appear.

The POIs have not been selected.

  • Set the zoom level to 600 ft (200 m) or select POIs in the POI list.

The "Danger zone" audible warning feature is 12 not working.

The audible warning is not active or the volume is too low.

  • Activate the audible warning in the

"Navigation" menu and check the voice volume in the sound settings.

The system does not suggest a detour around an incident on the route.

The route settings do not take account of TMC messages.

  • Configure the "Traffic info " function in the route settings list (Without, Manual or Automatic).

I receive a warning about a "Danger area" that is not on my route.

As well as providing guided navigation, the system announces all "Danger areas" positioned in a cone located in front of the vehicle. It may provide an alert for "Danger areas" located on nearby or parallel roads.

  • Zoom the map to show the exact location of the "Danger area". You can select "On the route" to stop receiving warnings or decrease the warning duration.

Certain traffic jams along the route are not indicated in real time.

On starting, a few minutes may elapse before the system begins to receive traffic information.

  • Wait until traffic information is being received correctly (traffic information icons shown on the map).

In certain countries, only major routes (motorways, etc.) are listed for the traffic information.

This is perfectly normal. The system is dependent on the traffic information available.

The altitude is not displayed.

On starting, GPS initialisation may take up to 3 minutes to receive more than 4 satellites correctly.

  • Wait until the system has started up completely so that there is GPS coverage by at least 4 satellites.

Depending on the geographical environment (tunnel, etc.) or the weather, the conditions of reception of the GPS signal may vary.

This behaviour is normal. The system is dependent on the GPS signal reception conditions.

My navigation is no longer connected.

During start-up and in certain geographical areas, the connection may be unavailable.

  • Check that the online services are activated (settings, contract).


The reception quality of the tuned radio station gradually deteriorates or the station presets are not working (no sound, 87.5 MHz is displayed, etc.).

The vehicle is too far from the selected station’s transmitter, or no transmitter is present in the geographical area.

  • Activate the "RDS" function by means of the short-cut menu to enable the system to check whether there is a more powerful transmitter in the geographical area.

The aerial is missing or has been damaged (for example while entering a car wash or underground car park).

  • Have the aerial checked by a dealer.

The environment (hills, buildings, tunnels, basement car parks, etc.) is blocking reception, including in RDS mode.

This is a perfectly normal phenomenon, and is not indicative of an audio system malfunction.

I cannot find some radio stations in the list of stations received.

The name of the radio station changes. The station is no longer received or its name has changed in the list.

Some radio stations send other information in place of their name (the title of the song for example).

The system interprets these details as the station name.

  • Press the "Update list" button in the "Radio stations” secondary menu.


Playback of my USB memory stick starts only after a very long wait (around 2 to 3 minutes).

Some files supplied with the memory stick may greatly slow down access to reading the memory stick (multiplication by 10 of the cataloguing time).

  • Delete the files supplied with the memory stick and limit the number of sub-folders in the file structure on the memory stick.

The CD is systematically ejected or is not played.

The CD is upside down, cannot be read, does not contain audio files or contains audio files of a format not recognised by the audio system.

  • Check that the CD is inserted in the player the right way up.
  • Check the condition of the CD: the CD cannot be played if it is too badly damaged.

The CD has been burned in a format that is not compatible with the player (udf, etc.).

  • Check the content if it is a burned CD: consult the advice in the "AUDIO" section.
  • The audio system CD player does not play DVDs.

The CD is protected by an anti-pirating system not recognised by the audio system.

  • Due to poor quality, certain burned CDs will not be played by the audio system.

There is a long waiting period following the insertion of a CD or connection of a USB memory stick.

The system reads a variety of data (folder, title, artist, etc.). This can take from a few seconds to a few minutes.

This is perfectly normal.

The CD audio quality is poor.

The CD is scratched or of poor quality.

  • Insert good quality CDs and store them in suitable conditions.

The audio settings (bass, treble, ambience) are unsuitable.

  • Return bass and treble settings to 0, without selecting an ambience.

Some characters in the information about the media currently being played are not displayed correctly.

The audio system is unable to process certain types of character.

  • Use standard characters to name tracks and folders.

Playback of files in audio streaming mode does not start.

The connected device does not automatically start playback.

  • Start playback from the device.

The names of tracks and playing times are not displayed on the screen in audio streaming mode.

The Bluetooth profile does not allow the transfer of this information.


I cannot connect my Bluetooth telephone.

The telephone's Bluetooth function may be switched off or the telephone may not be visible.

  • Check that the telephone has Bluetooth switched on.
  • Check in the telephone settings that it is "visible to all".
  • Deactivate then reactivate the telphone’s Bluetooth function.

The Bluetooth telephone is not compatible with the system.

  • You can check that your telephone is compatible on the Brand's website (services).

The volume of the telephone connected in Bluetooth mode is inaudible.

The volume depends on both the system and the telephone.

  • Increase the volume of the audio system, to maximum if required, and increase the volume of the telephone if necessary.

Ambient noise affects the quality of the telephone call.

  • Reduce the ambient noise level (close windows, reduce ventilation, slow down, etc.).

Some contacts are duplicated in the list.

The options for synchronising contacts are: synchronise the contacts on the SIM card, the contacts on the telephone, or both. When both synchronisations are selected, some contacts may be duplicated.

  • Select "Display SIM card contacts" or "Display telephone contacts".

The contacts are not listed in alphabetical order.

Some telephones offer display options.

Depending on the settings chosen, contacts can be transferred in a specific order.

  • Modify the telephone directory display settings.

The system does not receive SMS.

  • SMS text messages cannot be sent to the system in Bluetooth mode.


When the treble and bass settings are changed, the ambience is deselected. When the ambience is changed, the treble and bass settings are reset.

Selecting an ambience imposes the treble and bass settings, and vice versa.

  • Modify the treble and bass or ambience settings to obtain the desired musical ambience.

When the balance settings are changed, the distribution is deselected.

When the distribution setting is changed, the balance settings are deselected.

Selecting a distribution setting imposes the balance settings, and vice versa.

  • Modify the balance setting or the distribution setting to obtain the desired sound quality.

There is a difference in sound quality between audio sources.

To allow for optimal listening quality, the sound settings can be tailored to different audio sources, which can generate audible differences when changing source.

  • Check that the sound settings are appropriate to the sources listened to. We recommend setting the sound functions (Bass:, Treble:, Balance) to the middle position, setting the musical ambience to "None", setting loudness correction to "Active" in USB mode and "Inactive" in Radio mode.
  • In all cases, after applying sound settings, adjust the volume level on the portable device (to a high level) first. Then adjust the volume level on the audio system.

When the engine is off, the system switches off after several minutes of use.

When the engine is switched off, the system's operating time depends on the state of charge of the battery.

The switch-off is normal: the system automatically goes into energy economy mode and switches off to maintain an adequate charge in the battery.

  • Start the vehicle’s engine to increase the charge of the battery.

The date and time cannot be set.

Setting of the date and time is only available if the synchronisation with the satellites is deactivated.

  • Settings menu / Options / Time-Date setting. Select the "Time" tab and deactivate the "GPS synchronisation" (UTC).


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