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Citroen C3: Back-up procedures / Changing the battery

A message is displayed on the instrument panel when the battery needs changing.

Without Keyless Entry and Starting Battery type: CR2032 / 3 volts.

Citroen C3. Changing the battery

With Keyless Entry and Starting Battery type: CR2032 / 3 volts.

Citroen C3. Changing the battery

  • Unclip the cover by inserting a small screwdriver in the slot and raise the cover.
  • Remove the discharged battery from its housing.
  • Insert the new battery, observing the polarity, and clip the cover onto the housing.
  • Reinitialise the remote control.

For more information on Reinitialising the remote control, refer to the corresponding section.

Citroen C3. Changing the battery Do not throw remote control batteries away, as they contain metals that are harmful to the environment. Take them to an approved disposal point.

    Central locking not functioning

    Use these procedures in the following cases: Central locking malfunction. Battery disconnected or discharged. In the event of a malfunction of the central locking system, the battery must be disconnected to ensure that the vehicle is locked fully...

    Reinitialising the remote control

    Following replacement of the battery or in the event of a fault, it may be necessary to reinitialise the remote control. Without Keyless Entry and Starting Switch off the ignition...

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