Citroen C3 Manuals

Citroen C3: 7-inch or 8-inch touch screen / Menus

Citroen C3. Menus

Citroen C3. Menus Radio Media.

See “Audio equipment and telematics” section..

Citroen C3. Menus Mirror Screen or Connected navigation (depending on equipment).

See “Audio equipment and telematics” section..

Citroen C3. Menus Air conditioning.

Allows adjustment of the various settings for temperature, air flow, etc.

For more information on Heating, Manual air conditioning and Automatic air conditioning, please refer to the corresponding sections.

Citroen C3. Menus Telephone.

See “Audio equipment and telematics” section..

Citroen C3. Menus Applications.

Allows the display of the connected services available.

See “Audio equipment and telematics” section.

Citroen C3. Menus Vehicle or Driving (depending on equipment).

Allows the activation, deactivation and adjustment of settings for certain functions. The functions accessible from this menu are arranged under two tabs: "Vehicle settings" and "Driving functions".

Citroen C3. Menus Volume control / mute.

See “Audio equipment and telematics” section.

Citroen C3. Menus Press with three fingers on the touch screen to access the menu carousel.

Upper bar

  • Certain information is displayed permanently in the upper bar of the touch screen:
  • Reminder of the air conditioning information, and access to a simplified menu (temperature and air flow adjustment only).
  • Reminder of information from the RadioMedia and Telephone menus and navigation instructions (depending on equipment).
  • Notification zone (SMS and E-mail) (depending on equipment).
  • Citroen C3. Menus Access to the Settings.

    General operation

    Recommendations This screen is of the capacitive type. Do not use pointed objects on the touch screen. Do not touch the touch screen with wet hands...

    Trip computer

    Information displayed about the current journey (range, fuel consumption, average speed, etc.)...

    Other information:

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